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How do I place an ad?
Placing an ad is very easy. The first step is to click on the word "Register" on the menu bar or on the "Sign Up Free" in the login section. After you register, go ahead and login to the website using the username and password you choose during the registration process. Now you are logged in to the website and ready to place an ad.

Click on the "Place an Ad" link located near the top of the page. Next, choose the appropriate category. Fill in the necessary information about your yacht, service, or marina. Be as descriptive and thorough as possible to attract the maximum viewers. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on the "Enter Ad Details" button to continue.

You will then be presented with a screen to enter any images. Here you will have the opportunity to browse photographs on your computer. This will upload your images to ShareMyYacht.com. You also have the option to place a link to an image you already have posted on the internet.

Next, verify your ad details, and if no changes are required, click "Approve Ad".

You will then presented with an opportunity to add extras to your ad such as "Bold", "Better Placement", "Featured Status", or "Attention Getters". Once this is done, you will complete transaction.

After I place an ad, how long until people can find it on the internet?
Instantly! As soon as you are done using our easy-to-use ad placement wizard!

What happens after my ad expires?
To ensure our customers receive the full benefit of placing an ad on ShareMyYacht.com, ads cannot be re-listed or renewed until after they have expired. Two days before your ad expires you will be sent (via email) an expiration notice which warns you that your ad has expired and gives you detailed instructions on how to renew your rental ad. Your ad will NOT automatically renew.

If your ad expires from the website before you have a chance to renew it, do not worry because it will be saved and you can renew it at a later date. If this does happen, you will need to login to the website with your username and password. After you are logged in you will notice a link, "Expired Ads." If your ad has expired you can click this link to view your ad. You will then notice an icon labeled "Renew and Re-List this Ad." Clicking this link will take you to the payment screen as mentioned above.

How do people contact me if they are interested in my ads?
There are three ways people can contact you concerning the ad you have posted on the website. When a viewer sees an ad, they can click it to get more information. From there, they will see your telephone number and email address (should you choose to show your email address when setting up the ad). The viewer can directly call or email you from the information supplied in the ad. A potential viewer can also email you through the website by clicking on the "Contact Seller" icon contained on the left side of the ad. By clicking this icon, an email will be sent to you through the website. If the potential viewer chose this option, you would receive an email with "About your ad at ShareMyYacht.com" in the subject line.

How many pictures can I place per Ad?
You can put up to 8 photos per ad. These photos can be pictures of your choosing.

How do I place a photo for an ad?
When placing your ad, the website will take you through the process of adding a photo step-by-step.

Why should I place ads on this website when other sites are free?
ShareMyYacht.com offers boat owners the ability to target their advertising to those who are specifically looking to experience yachting. Visitors to the site know what they want. Example searches would include: “A Dive boat in San Diego for the small group”, “The larger yacht in Washington for Weddings”, “Family fishing boat in Florida”, “A boat in San Francisco available for burial at sea with captain”.

The problem sellers and buyers have with other sites or creating their own sites are the following:

• These sites only focus on boats for sale.
• Individual sites are not found by prospective customers, because owners don’t invest in promoting their site with search engines (a costly endeavor).
• Individual sites typically are not advertised in local trade magazines.
• Internet search engines don’t break down businesses by location.
• Companies and service providers don’t have the skills or resources to launch and maintain their own site.
• There are no single sites that offer the ability to search for rentals, leases, charters, services by location, activity, cost, etc.

When exposure makes the difference we feel you will see advertising on our site offers the best "bang for the buck!"

How do I change information about my ads, or update my profile?
Login to the website using the username and password you choose. Once you have logged in, you will see links on the menu bar for "My Account". Clicking on the "My Account" will take you to "Manage My Account". Here you will be able to view your active ads, expired ads, view filters, update user information, and much more. It's that easy!